Hagar's House

Need shelter?     Call 504-210-5064

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A Sanctuary    for Women & Children in New Orleans






Angela Davis

FCGA Executive Director


Amber Tucker

Hagar's House Director


Maria Delgado

Capacity Building Coordinator


April Seldon

Hagar's House Staff


Priest Richardson

Hagar's House Staff


Vanessa Shemwell

Hagar's House Staff


Melanie Mann

Hagar's House Social Work Intern



Shawn Anglim

Anita Gail Atkinson

Caroline Christopher

Monika Gerhart

Robin Hayes

Sara Johansen

Maddie Mayes

Janet Roberts

Jess Spin

Allison Vines-Rushing

David Boyd Williams

Jasmin Zobrist



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Hagar's House Staff

Hagar's House Board

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Phone: 504-210-5064

Email: hagarshouse@gmail.com

Mailing Address: 3401 Canal Street

                                New Orleans, LA 70119

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